Since May 2001 I have been thinking about the possibility of having my own personal website, ever since the newspaper “Ideal Digital” gave me the chance of taking part in a chat, where I could feel the magic of this new media, the Internet. And I say “magic” because you will agree that it is a miracle to get a letter from Istanbul or New Zealand, and find out that the sender has not taken away his finger from the “send” key yet...

The word Globalisation, so up to date, goes along with the Internet and its possibilities. It has meant a Communication and Information Revolution. I am sure that some historian will use this word to name this period. We will find something similar to “the Internet era” in the encyclopaedias; but of course we will not read this information on a paper but on a screen and it will not be put away on bookcases but in cardboard or plastic little boxes.

Fortunately, times are changing...
And in the end, so much change reflects on our way of wiewing things on our way of putting them across; and logically, new desires arise inside ourselves, and even our nostalgia is under constant evolution.
The origin of this website is due precisely to this evolution. Before, a flamenco singer like me used to regard each recital as a dear adventure because you had the opportunity to share the experience with the organisers of the event, with the local artists and even to have a drink with the aficionados. Nowadays, faster cars or planes, the excess of information, the growing demand for flamenco, in the end, Globalisation has taken away those fleeting moments of happiness.

And as somebody said ... “if you can’t fight you enemies, join them”. Let us, then, take advantage of the most fashionable globalisation’s tool in order to get nearer. It is not about replacing any moments, but about making connection possible, though in a virtual way with more aficionados and in no hurry.

This is my website. That is to say, your website... because this is meaningless without you. And the truth is ... that I hope you will enjoy as much as I have when preparing it.